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Safety for America’s young adults, piece of mind for parents. PakProtect is light weight Level III and Level IIIA armor plates designed to fit into any standard backpack or messenger bag. A division of Gladiator Solutions.


Condition One Nutrition

Designed by a U.S. Marine, this veteran owned company created performance that never fails. Condition One bars are handcrafted with organic ingredients delivering wholesome nutrition and unparalleled taste.


Rudy Reyes

A decorated U.S.M.C. Force Recon veteran with multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rudy Reyes is focused on acting, working with his brand partners and is an in-demand motivational speaker. Rudy starred in HBO’s Generation Kill, History Channel’s Apocalypse Man, National Geographic’s Survival Alaska and his latest film, Semper Fidelis will be released in late 2018. He currently works with Condition One, Deep Blue Watches and other brands. His philanthropic endeavors include the Recon Scout Sniper Foundation and his own 501c3 Force Blue.

Behind the eyes of a true warrior is a warrior's soul. Courage, a passion for life, commitment to helping and protecting those around him, empathy, a father, a brother, a leader and a teammate, and always humbled... this is Rudy Reyes. and


Benjamin Levenson

Ben is a world renown expert on addiction and treatment. His is regularly quoted in People Magazine, USA Today and his opinion pieces are featured in The Hill. The former founder and CEO of Origins Behavioral Healthcare is now focused on The Levenson Foundation ("TLF"), a privately-funded philanthropic organization chartered to measurably impact the some of the most suffering, traumatized and/or disadvantaged populations on Planet Earth. We work with intentional disregard of our collaborator's and beneficiaries race, creed, religion, social stigmas, nationality (or lack thereof), physical and psychiatric conditions, geopolitical or sexual orientation, current locale, culture of origin, genetic origin and other distinguishing features of humankind.


MAP Health Management

From its inception in 2011, MAP’s mission has been to improve outcomes for the millions of people annually diagnosed and treated for a Substance Use Disorder through a tech-enabled adaptive engagement model. MAP delivers post-acute and long-term recovery support, predictive analytics and outcomes reporting - all designed to improve health outcomes for individuals and reduce preventable healthcare cost such as high-cost admissions and readmissions. For more information.





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